I Must Confess….

There is something I must get off my chest. I cannot deal with the guilt any longer. The truth must be spoken!

….. I am not a lumberjack. There I said it! I can now breathe freely and stop feeling paranoid wondering if the lumberjack police are going to come beat me up and string me in a tree. (I don’t really believe there is a lumberjack police, but I have been wrong before…. Lets hope I’m right on this one). But there is some truth to my claim of being a lumberjack.

I work at a builder’s supply (Come to Curtis Supply,  Come to Curtis Supply. We’re helping you build your dreams! Note: Please sing like you are the world’s greatest opera singer to get the full effect). I handle copious amounts of lumber everyday. I wear flannel most of my waking hours and I have a beard. So in essence I am a lumberjack, just not your typical go out into the forest and cut trees down kind, but a lumberjack all the same… I do believe they would accept me into their brotherhood.

I feel better about myself now, even if whoever reads this is just more confused, I can now rest easy knowing I am still a lumberjack

2 thoughts on “I Must Confess….”

  1. I too then must also confess… I too am a lumberjack of sorts. I sit behind a large desk made of wood moving extreme amounts of paper made from fallen logs. I work on those thin pieces of logs signing each and every one with a very small log that has a lead filled center.Old age may now have diminished my lumberjack skills but I too am still a lumberjack at heart!!!!


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