We’ve Made It This Far

Hump Day has arrived.

The middle of the week. The ultimate marker that the weekend is in sight. Monday is a distant memory. Friday is in our grasp.

We’ve slogged up the treacherous slopes of the weekday mountain. We’ve climbed to the top. We’ve crested the hill. We’re looking over the edge and staring down into the Valley of Friday and Saturday… It looks marvelous

We can taste it. We can smell it…. the weekend.

So lets all give a shout for Hump Day, for without it we would have no reminder that good times are just around the corner. Get over your hill and see what is in store for you.

Do a dance. Sing a song ( get someone to sing along) and just be happy. We’ve made it this far and the weekend is just waiting to receive us with open arms.

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