Think Before You Act… Please

Karma. The cosmic rule of the universe that says what comes around, goes around. There have been hundreds, nay thousands, of people who have scoffed at this notion. They have laughed in the face of karma and it’s supposed powers only to realize, a little too late, that it is true.

I was one of these. I laughed at the misfortune of others, at the foolish choices they made, without thinking a thought to the fact I was setting myself up for a grand disaster… Yesterday I was a non believer, but now I believe.

What I did was very innocent, but it is never good once you start bragging. Bragging only leads to destruction. What did I do, you ask? I basically made fun of my grandpa. From here on I will refer to him as Papa. Queue the boos and evil glances and pointed fingers. In my defense you would have done the same exact thing. I hope you would because it would make me feel better … Here’s what happened.

It was a normal night at the Hawkins residence. My grandma had cooked a feast fit for kings. Bacon, eggs, gravy and biscuits, and country ham. If your mouth does not start watering when you read that then you’re not human. Now at the Hawkins’s when we have breakfast we end it by making butter and syrup, which is just corn syrup and butter, and use the sweet, syrupy, buttery goodness to finish off the biscuits that weren’t sacrificed for gravy. But there was a problem….. We only had one biscuit between Papa and me.

I did the nice thing and gave him half while he got the goods and here is where the acting without thinking comes into play. Papa put too much butter on the plate, so he takes some and instead of putting it back into the butter tray he flops it into the gravy! Perfectly good butter! Gone! I asked, “Why’d you do that?” “Because I wasn’t thinking,” he replied. In response I said, “I’ve never done that.” BIG MISTAKE.

Fast forward to today at work. I wasn’t thinking and karma found me. She knew what I had said last night. She knew that my defenses were powerless against her. It was time for retribution.

I had a delivery and I delivered it…. to the wrong house. I delivered lumber to a house that didn’t even need it! I drove up, unloaded the material, and drove off as clueless as you please. I was feeling good about myself. Another delivery successfully made. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Oh how my co-workers and customers laughed at my foolishness. I even laughed a little once I realized the significance of my error. Oh karma how cruel, yet helpful, you can be.

Yes I learned my lesson. Never make fun of someone older than you (even if they deserve it). Always know exactly where you’re going if you have something to deliver. And most importantly, never share your biscuit and just make your own butter and syrup. Everyone wins that way.

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