You have it.

I have it.

We all have it.

The burning in our soul. The longing for something greater than ourselves. The hole in our hearts that we try so desperately to fill with all manner of things, but it is still never satisfied…. We are never satisfied.

We are restless wanderers until we can hold it in our hands. Until we wake up from the sleep being sung over us by the world and start living it out, becoming who we were meant to be, and making it come true. The only way to truly live is to search for it, to find it, and to believe it.

It is not easy. Many of us have started on the journey only to realize the path did not go straight. Once we saw the first bend in the road we stopped and started questioning where exactly this was all going, and we stayed. After all, it is nice in this place before the bend. There are lush gardens, beautiful mountains, and a quiet, meandering stream. Why would we give up this pristine beauty for the unknown of what lies beyond the bend? Who knows what is out there?! The longing to discover the unknown gave way to the fear of what we could not see, nor comprehend. Our fear held us in place and we continued on our journey no more.

Others did move past that first bend. They were scared, but their hunger and drive for it propelled them forward into the twisting, turning curves of the unknown. They emerged into a far greater landscape than the one they came from. How astounded they were! Their fears were all for naught. The grass seemed greener, the birds more free, and the air cleaner than before. There were rolling hills covered in flowers, mighty trees that reached to the heavens, and an endless baby, blue sky. However, understanding can be a curse as well, for these people who ventured past the bend saw clearly what lay before them past the beauty here.

Dry deserts, murky bogs, and treacherous mountains. Raging rivers on both sides, unpredictable weather, and all sorts of strange creatures stood in their way. They looked for other paths, frantically searching for any way around this madness, but there were none to be had. They realized, with heart trembling and faith wavering, there was only one way across. Through the dry desert, murky bogs, and treacherous mountains. They must face their obstacles and become conquerors, but they faltered. They turned their backs on what lay ahead believing the struggle was not worth what their hearts wanted.

Then there are those few who persevered. They came through the bend in the road. The made it past the dry deserts, murky bogs, and treacherous mountains. They crossed the raging rivers, enduring fierce storms, heavy snows, and howling winds. They were greeted by sights they never imagined. A land of such beauty and richness, they could not contain their joy. It bubbled up and spilled out onto everything around them. They believed what they sought for was worth the struggle. It was worth every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears. It was worth every sleepless night. Every moment in their lives was a driving force, pushing them to keep trying, to keep going, knowing quitters never win and winners never quit, and they won.

Did they falter? Did they want to turn back and quit? Did their faith waver?

Yes. They have the scars to prove what they have been through was no easy task, but they also have the joy of finding it. They are the ones who have the story that we are too busy to listen to. They can tell us how to keep going, how to get past the bend, and how to take that first step into the desert, bogs, or mountains in our own lives, but we never listen. We are to content to stay where we are because we are safe. There are no dangers here. We have pushed it out of our minds to cope with what we have lost.

What is it?


I have a dream.

You have a dream.

We all have dreams, but it is our job to see that dream to fruition. Your dream may be to become a teacher, or a social worker, or to be a mother, or to start some kind of ministry. We all have different dreams. I cannot bring about your dream just like you cannot bring about mine, but we can encourage each other. We can help those who are stuck in the bend or exhausted in the desert. Those who are stuck in the murky bogs and hanging precariously over ledges on the mountains. We can help. We are all the same. We are broken people in need of love, happiness, and forgiveness,  and we need each other.

Only you and God can make your dream come true. It is a journey that involves the purpose God has planned for your life. Your dream is woven into that purpose, so that while you are fulfilling the God called purpose in your life, your dream is being fulfilled as well. That is how God made us. He wants us to praise Him while simultaneously helping ourselves and others. Do not think He wants to take it away from you. He has no desire to take away your dream. He wants to help His child achieve it.

Is it easy?


I wish it were, but then perhaps we would not be appreciative of the dream God has given us. We only value that which is worth having. If our dreams were not difficult what would it be worth to us? Once a dream has been realized and fulfilled, how can it be precious to you if it did not cost you anything? Our path in this life was not meant to be paved. Nor was it meant to be straight. There will be potholes, gravel, dirt, and mud, bends and valleys and hills. There will even be times where the road has been washed away and there is no clear direction. In all times we must follow our hearts and lean on God to guide us. He knows the desires of our hearts. He placed them there.

Where are you in your dream? Are you at the bend wondering what lies around the corner? You will never know what is ahead unless you take the curve. Perhaps you are at the desert dying of thirst in a place with no water. Or are you in the murky bogs sloshing through mud so thick it takes off your shoes and you sink down to your knees? Could it be you are on the mountainside? Clinging for dear life on some unsteady ledge with nowhere to go? Where are you in the pursuit of your dream?

Wherever you are, hold on to what you believe. Believe you will obtain your dream, strengthen your faith, and know you are loved. He has not abandoned you and those that love you have not either. You just cannot see them from where you are at. Keep going. Do not give up.

Your dream is waiting. Go get it.

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