Tip of the Fingers


So you’ve fallen.

Perhaps an opportunity came and you missed it. You missed your shot. Your one chance to shine.

Maybe you were doing good. Everything was going your way and then someone slammed the door in your face. You were left out in the cold rain with no umbrella or coat.

So you’ve fallen. After you told yourself you would never fall again you find yourself face first in the dirt. It’s in your mouth, on your clothes, under your finger nails… It’s everywhere. Everyone who looks at you knows what has happened. Even after you pick yourself up the dirt is sill on you. It’s like a huge billboard screaming to the world, “look at me! I messed up!”

So you’ve fallen

It hurts.

It’s humiliating.

It isn’t fair…. Guess what?

It’s no big deal.

Everybody does it.

It’s normal.

It’s normal to fall. It is a part of life. We fall as babies when we take our first steps and we fall as adults even though we don’t want to admit it. Why though? Why are we so afraid to admit it?

Because admitting we fall acknowledges our imperfections. It acknowledges the stuff we don’t want people to see.

That we don’t have it all together.

That we’re not as smart as we claim.

That we are in fact scared to death of the future.

Admitting we fall admits our own shortcomings…. Acknowledging that we need help.

But the beauty of falling is in the rising. We can’t choose how we fall, but we can choose how we rise. Will we continue to lie in the mud, face down and still as we try to avoid our shame? Or will we scramble for the finish line on our hands and knees because what we have fallen for is that important to us? Will we pick ourselves up out of the muck and try again? Or will we never try because we are afraid of ridicule and judgement?

No one ever accomplished anything by staying still. Greatness does not flow from those who have never been to the point of giving up.

It takes action.

It takes force.

It takes a leap of faith.


So you’ve fallen or you’re still on the edge of the abyss trying to make the leap. Wherever you are, know you are not alone. We are all in this together.

I’m not giving up and neither will you. How do I know this? Because I know the human spirit. I know what we are capable of when we surrender to something greater than ourselves and move in spite of our weakness. For it is when we fall we see what we are made of.

So if your dream has been put on hold or a window of opportunity has been shut, do not give up. Do not think this is the end of your dream, because it isn’t.

It is just the beginning. Don’t give up. Crawl to the finish line. Make sure you keep trying and if you fall… Try again.

Do not give up on the burning desire inside of your heart, because you need it to come to fruition to satisfy your soul.

You need it.

I need it.

The world needs it.

So you’ve fallen…. How you rise is up to you.

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