Perhaps love is a symbol of things beyond ourselves.

Some will forget it completely, like old photographs on a shelf.

Still some adhere to its principles, for the meaning that it holds,

without ever understanding its essence for it is all just a show.

Some refuse it completely, locking themselves away,

they choose to be swallowed by the night, forsaking the light of day.

Love is a marvelous mystery we will never fully comprehend,

it drives us toward each other, and may soon be our end.

What is love to me?

How can I explain?

Is it rules?

Is it forgotten? A door to a higher plane?

Perhaps, if I may, steal a few lines,

of what love means to me and how it’s changed over time.

Love is a feeling, deep inside the chest,

starting in the center and flowing out to the rest.

Love is a shifting moving sphere of fantastic energy,

guiding us all through life, bringing you to me.

Love is a word!

A touch!

A smile that brightens the heart!

It is an ever-burning ember just waiting for a spark.

It propels us and it moves us to do magnificent things.

Love is the one you’re lying next to, the song you are meant to sing.

Love is patient.

Love is kind.

But above all else…

Love always thinks of others, not just of itself.

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