change:  to make or become different.

In 2008 the American people were promised change we could believe in.  It was an iconic and tumultuous time in America’s history.  The first African-American had been elected President and it felt as if the country was on the precipice of greatness or failure.  At the helm of our great nation was a man who was not white and had a funny sounding name.  Naturally, he could not be trusted.

He promised change and change occurred.  Depending on your perception, these changes have either been detrimental to the morality of the United States or a positive step towards equality for all citizens.

Fast forward to 2017 and America has a new man at the steering wheel.

A white man.

A rich man.

A man who shoots from the hip and says what he thinks with little regard for the consequences of his words.  Depending on your perception, these qualities are essential to being the President of the United States or you believe a man who doesn’t know when to speak up or stay quiet has no wisdom in him.

This man has also promised change, and we are all waiting with bated breath to see how these changes occur.  He has promised to build walls, dismantle terrorists, dispel illegal immigrants, advocate for the middle class, provide more jobs and work for the people of this country. Some believe these changes are needful and necessary, while others are wondering what happened to the America that used to be a safe haven for all people.

Regardless of your views or opinions of the new President of the United States, change is happening.  Change is terrifying and the natural response is to resist it, but resisting change stunts our growth and is never the solution to problems.  The question does not become how can I stop this change, but transforms into how can I respond to this change?

Should I respond with anger, hate and hostility, or with love, patience and acceptance?

Should I seek to understand the burdens of the families around me, or blind myself to the injustices occurring around me?

Could I try to have a conversation with someone from a different culture, different skin color, or different religion?

Should I just stay the same?


Change is all around us.  It is the rattle and hum of this complex machine called Life.

It is present in me.

It is present in you.

Change is the transforming power to put others needs before your own.  Change is the amazing beauty of a helpless baby growing into a strong, independent individual who has the potential change the world.

Change is the formation of thousands of people descending upon Washington to march for what they believe is right.  Change is the compassion to finally understand the perspective of your enemy and empathize with his plight instead of hating him.

Change is a God abandoning a perfect world for a dirty, broken one just to be with us.  Change is letting Your creation kill You in their ignorance, only to redeem them after three days time.

In the coming days and months we are bound to see change.  It is useless to stop it; it will happen.  Some of it will be positive and some of it will be negative.  Negative change has a way of casting shadows on positive change, but light always outshines the darkness.

Right now the world may seem bleak to some, while others see the sun shining brightly.  Personally, I believe the clouds are just hiding behind the sun’s rays for a bit.  All is not lost.  Hope is still rampant across this great country and this world.  Let’s put aside our differences and work together to make this nation truly the land of the free and home of the brave.

Don’t resist the change.  Just change the way you respond to it.






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