Embers & Ashes. Echoes of beauty, power, and pain.

Pain for the moments of fleeting pleasure. Always a balancing act. Of memories. Some we cover ourselves with, like a blanket of velvet, others we toss away like moldy leftovers.

Power for the choices we make, roads travelled, streams navigated. At close of day, is the choice still yours? Are you happy with what you choose?

Stoke the fire? Or let it die? Looking toward the horizon, down different paths and streams, surely will bring death.

Beauty. The mesmerizing enchantress that catches off guard. Beauty in pain. Beauty in power. The flames dance and smoke rises, shapes in the void.

Negative spaces are harsh. Cold. Mixed with perspective they become a positive. Beautiful. Warm.

Wildfires rage. Bonfires roar. Hearth fires simmer. Who are we? What is our love?

We burn, but do we rage? Passionate, unyielding, consuming all around us.

We burn, but do we roar? Unyielding, stubborn, growing and growing until the world cannot contain us.

We burn, but do we simmer? Anticipation, ecstasy, ever hopeful. A slow burn that pushes until we release.

Embers & Ashes. The remnants of a life well lived.

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