This blog started out as an overflow for my journal.  Writing has always been a cathartic experience for me, a way to dump everything going on in my head out on paper and start sifting through the mud and muck in hopes of finding a little piece of… something.

I felt the need to share what I was writing, wether it was poetry, stories, songs, or events in my life, I could not keep it tucked away between the black covers of my Moleskine journal.  Out of my desire to share what I was writing with the world, Musings from a Dreamer was born.

That was four years ago.  Time has truly flown by faster than I could have ever thought possible.  Throughout these four years I have seen broken, hurting, and beautiful people in Haiti, dropped out of college only to find myself throwing my graduation cap in the air two years later, fallen deeply and irrevocably in love, became a husband to a beautiful, loving, & tenacious woman, and finally understood dreams are not disposable.

Musings from a Dreamer has been around for all the laughter, tears, heartache, and joy in my life these past four years.  Seasons of joyous creativity bubbling up from the surface and seasons of despairing drought, when words seemed to elude my every thought, and I believed there would be no more poems or stories.

But dreams never die. Why? Because my dreams, nor yours, are not disposable.

Updated: Feb. 17, 2018


1 thought on “Bio”

  1. Your mirage story is just what I needed. To keep following my dreams, instead of being consumed into the life that everyone else has planned. Thanks 🙂


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