Words to a Son

My son, tread softly upon this ground. It is not yours for the taking. Tame what needs tamed. Trim what needs trimmed. Grow what needs to be grown. Free what needs to be set free. Step with delight on the lush green grass. Stand in awe among the proud mighty oaks. Kneel in humility on… Continue reading Words to a Son

Heart hurt

Hearts can be windows. Glimpses of pure thoughts. The hurried rustling of closing curtains. Overwhelmed with fear of reproach and judgement. Hidden secrets inhibit genuineness . Ashamed of the true self, identity is fragile as glass, like a shattered personality. Joys comes urgently. Sadness comes swiftly. Life walks a fine line between the two, a… Continue reading Heart hurt


Embers & Ashes. Echoes of beauty, power, and pain. Pain for the moments of fleeting pleasure. Always a balancing act. Of memories. Some we cover ourselves with, like a blanket of velvet, others we toss away like moldy crumbs. Power for the choices we make, roads travelled, streams navigated. At close of day, is the… Continue reading Fire


One year come. One year gone. Filled with moments of desperation, quiet contemplation, and doubt. Glimpses of joys to come, battles hard won, and gratitude. One year come. One year gone. Resolutions made. Promises broken. Dissolved like castles of sand under the creeping tide. New castles are built. With twigs, leaves and rocks. These last,… Continue reading O.Y.


Shoes. The oldest storyteller. How far have they gone? What roads have they travelled? How many miles have they seen? Dusty and sore, blissfully resting. Worried and impatient. Rushing! Running! Sprinting! Slow and languid, soaking up the feeling of every crack. Stone. Blade of grass. Scuffed. Dirty. Tattered. Sleek. Polished. New. Assumptions made by the… Continue reading Chaussures

In hopes of being True

Honest. Honesty. Honestly, what does truth mean? If yours is yours and mine is mine, how can we understand what's mine is yours and yours is mine? Your truth could be scary. Different. Ordinary. Mine may be strange. Extreme. Unchanged. Her truth could be singular. Expansive. Coarse. His truth may be selfish. Minuscule. Forced. Truth is… Continue reading In hopes of being True


Water flows down from highest peaks, Cold as snowflakes on the tongue. Swift as night in winter. Fire leaps from tree to tree, As if by magic. Hot as July in a Tennessee summer. Harsh as a word from a bitter soul. Earth shifts and moves though unseen, Yet immovable and still. Pungent as mushrooms… Continue reading Elemental


The end is greater than the beginning. Or is it the same? Both are immovable, Waiting for a sign. One is looking ahead. The other behind. A beginning is exciting, new life has begun. At the end all is made known, No matter what has been done. Beginnings rush toward the end. Endings long for… Continue reading Reflections

Affair of Emotions

I find it interesting that people ask for what they want, receive it, and then look to other things almost immediately as if what they finally have is not enough.  This poem is a reflection upon that phenomenon.  Culture tells us the grass is greener in other homes, schools, cities, and towns, but perhaps the grass is green… Continue reading Affair of Emotions

Winter Chill

The mist that forms from the breath in my lungs, The sting of the cold as it rests on my tongue. No respite from the harsh ruthless wind, Like the memories of a long-lost friend. The sun it appears from behind gray clouds. Its rays pushing away the shadows of doubt, But it offers false… Continue reading Winter Chill