I miss you. Like new rain in springtime. Quiet snow fall in winter. I miss you. I miss you. Like slow, sticky days in summertime. Cool, crisp air in fall. I miss you. I miss you. Like deep, intellectual chats by firelight. Pops of timber. Smell of smoke. Sipping steaming cups of coffee in oversized… Continue reading Missing

The Judgement

Secrets. Hidden within rooms without lock or key. No way in. No escape. Why? Why seek to diminish the desires and aspirations of a pure soul? For your soul is pure. Purer than purest gold. Forged by holy fire. All is burned away; the doubts, lies, and self loathing. Stripped bare to the skin, to… Continue reading The Judgement


Do you miss the signs in your life that lead to the good path? I do. Mostly, because, I have a tendency to miss the signs meant for me. Looking for billboards and bright lights with flashy letters to point the way. As if all my troubles would be gone with, "Happiness 2 miles ahead!"… Continue reading Timing

48.85 N by 2.32 E

Silly or Foolish the notion of love? Joys and pains of being alive, forsaking the self for another. Forgetting yourself allows you to find who you are once again. Each and every time you search the dark corners of your heart; what treasure shall you find? 48.85 N by 2.32 E. The place where I… Continue reading 48.85 N by 2.32 E


One year come. One year gone. Filled with moments of desperation, quiet contemplation, and doubt. Glimpses of joys to come, battles hard won, and gratitude. One year come. One year gone. Resolutions made. Promises broken. Dissolved like castles of sand under the creeping tide. New castles are built. With twigs, leaves and rocks. These last,… Continue reading O.Y.


Shoes. The oldest storyteller. How far have they gone? What roads have they travelled? How many miles have they seen? Dusty and sore, blissfully resting. Worried and impatient. Rushing! Running! Sprinting! Slow and languid, soaking up the feeling of every crack. Stone. Blade of grass. Scuffed. Dirty. Tattered. Sleek. Polished. New. Assumptions made by the… Continue reading Chaussures

Paris metro

Life is complex, and yet, not so complex. Life is mysterious, and yet, more mysteries desire to be solved. Life is beautiful, and yet, ruthless, untamed as fire. Life, in its simplest form, pure and unadulterated, stripped down to the first layer, Pulling rags away from the mummy’s skin. Life. A babbling brook or raging… Continue reading Paris metro


I could start out this piece with a witty turn of phrase or a deep philosophical sentence. Truth is, I like to throw a lot of big words around for the mere sake of taking up space and turning a simple point into an exhaustive one, but isn't that what writers do? We like to… Continue reading Forgive


I and love and you.  Three singular words, apart nothing, but together meaningful. I becomes you. You becomes me. Love becomes the bridge connecting two. Apart nothing, but together meaningful. I love you. In the morning before coffee; sleep riddled eyes and slow, languid stretches. Silently staring into the ether. What thoughts are you pondering?… Continue reading Words

Paper Faces on Parade

I saw well why the gods do not speak to us openly, nor let us answer. Till the word can be dug out of us, why should they hear the babble that we think we mean? How can they meet us face to face till we have faces? - C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces One… Continue reading Paper Faces on Parade